Resident Guidebook

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For our seniors' convenience, we offer a long list of services provided in the building.


In almost all cases, any external charges can be billed to your room or billed directly by the external service provider. Therefore, it is not advisable or necessary to keep large amounts of cash in your suite.

Depending on demand, bank visits can be arranged to assist you in banking transactions. Contact the Administrator for details.


Communication with families is important. Please keep us up to date by notifying the Administrator or the Health Services Manager of all changes in address and/or telephone numbers of all extended family members.


It is our policy that staff may not accept gratuities, in any form, from residents or their families, except at Christmas, when we ask you not to exceed $20.


In Mountainview Terrace, we provide light housekeeping on a weekly basis. Towel exchange is available, but it is the resident's responsibility.


Insurance for personal furniture and other valuables is the responsibility of each resident. Please contact you insurance agent to discuss a "contents" insurance package.


At Mountainview Terrace, personal laundry can be done at an additional cost. Laundry facilities are available adjacent to the elevators on the second, third and fourth floors.


Items found with no identification may be left at Reception. If you have lost an item, leave a description at Reception. Every effort will be made to retrieve your articles.


Personal mail may be picked up at the Reception Desk. If you wish to have items mailed, please deposit it at the Reception Desk. Your address for return mail is:

Mountainview Terrace
222 Mountainview Road North
Georgetown, ON  L7G 3R2


The name of a seamstress is available for mending and alterations. Please ask at Reception.


You may arrange for the newspaper delivery of your choice.


Parking is available for you and your visitors at the front of each residence. Residents with cars can park anywhere within the "Residents Only" parking area. A limited number of designated underground parking spaces are available in the Mountainview Terrace building at a nominal monthly fee.


Animal visits may take place any time on our outside Patios. In consideration of those persons who have allergies or concerns regarding animals, pets may not come inside any building. We thank you for your cooperation.


If anything in your suite requires repair, or if you notice something broken in the building, report it directly to reception or any member of the staff. Arrangements will be made to fix the problem as soon as possible.


Mountainview Residence and Mountainview Terrace are both smoke-free environments. In order to ensure resident safety, comfort and security, smoking is not allowed in any resident room or common area. Under the Ontario Smoke Free Act, you must not smoke within a nine-metre radius of the entrances.


Mountainview has a specially integrated telephone system for use as a regular telephone as well as an emergency communications system, which links directly to the nurse. Each suite has a telephone jack in the living and bedroom areas. These can be used for outside calls and inter-room calling. For calls outside the building, residents must dial "8" first, then the telephone number making sure to include the "1" for all long distance calls. All long distance and service charges will be added to your monthly bill. Each Suite is also equipped with an active High Speed Internet jack.


Mountainview Terrace has its own in-house cable TV system, (SMADTV) with 40 channels included in the monthly fee. To see the line up, please click here.


Although we advise residents to keep their doors locked, please give careful thought about keeping valuables in your suite. Mountainview will not be responsible for any valuables or money that cannot be found.



Mountainview has been designed with the needs of seniors in mind. There are no floor elevation changes. Rooms and bathrooms have been designed for ease of use. Heat lamps have been installed in each resident bathroom for extra comfort. Heating and air-conditioning have been designed to provide fresh air, to heat and cool efficiently and are individually controlled by thermostats in each resident suite.


The elevators are centrally located in each building. They are equipped with special sensors, appropriate to seniors' needs.


Each building has recreational areas. The main recreational room is located on the first floor in the Mountainview Residence building. This large area offers many varied activities for the enjoyment of our residents. Whether you enjoy baking in our kitchen area, crafts, card games, shuffleboard, using the pool table, or bowling -- you will find all of this and more in the Activities Lounge.

The piano enables us to have sing-alongs; you will see a variety of entertainment and enjoy parties in this spacious room. The Fireplace Lounge is located on the ground floor of the Terrace.


For those small items you need, our Residents Council operates a Tuck Shop where you can purchase items such as - greeting cards, toothpaste, candy and much more. The Tuck shop is located on the first floor of the Mountainview Residence building.


Our fitness centre is located on the ground floor of the Terrace building. Whether you live in the Residence or the Terrace, we encourage you to take advantage of these facilities. Here you will find exercise equipment, the whirlpool and the aquatic pool along with change rooms.


A Spa room is available by the lobby on the second floor of the Terrace.


Hair cutting, barber services, styling, perms, as well as nail care are available in the hair salon located on the first floor of the Mountainview Residence. Rates and hours of operation will be posted in the salon and will also be available at our Reception Desk.


A private dining room is available in Mountainview Residence for special get-togethers, celebrations or anything else a family or group wishes. Please contact the Receptionist to arrange a booking in advance.


In Mountainview Terrace, the laundry facilities can be found on the second, third and fourth floors. An ironing board and iron are available to be used in the laundry rooms as well. These items are provided for your convenience. Use with caution and at your own risk. Although there is no cost to use the laundry facilities, please note that residents are responsible for providing their own detergent and anti-static dryer sheets. In this building, laundry service is available at an additional cost.


Dry cleaning is sent out regularly. Please notify Reception for dry cleaning arrangements.


A theatre is located on the second floor of the Mountainview Residence close to the elevator. It offers movies to our residents on a large, retractable screen. It also offers space for church services, educational lectures or general interest seminars, etc.


This lounge is located on the ground floor of the Mountainview Terrace building. It is a quiet place to curl up with a good book--- bring your own or choose from one of the many on the bookshelf. Also, a large screen TV is available for you to watch your favourite shows or to enjoy special, televised events as a group.


These lounges, located on the first floor of the Mountainview Residence building and the second floor of Mountainview Terrace, are available for you to email family or friends or simply browse the Web. Mountainview will ensure the operation of the computers but not their content.


The Café area, located at the front entrance in both buildings, is for the enjoyment of residents and their guests. At the Terrace, afternoon snacks, coffee, a variety of teas and juices are available.

Guests may enjoy these choices for a nominal fee.


Special raised areas around the patio will allow planting of flowers or vegetables for those residents who are gardening enthusiasts.


A Patio is located at the side of both buildings in addition to a rooftop terrace accessed from the second floor of the Terrace building. Patio furniture is available for sitting and relaxation in the appropriate seasons. The entrance to the large Patio is located in the Recreation Room of Mountainview Residence. A walkway borders this building to ensure easy, safe exercise for seniors with or without assistive walking devices. A second, smaller patio is located off the dining room of the Mountainview Terrace building with access from the front porch. A Gazebo is located at the front entrance of Mountainview Residence for those who want a shaded spot to rest for a moment. A second Gazebo is located adjacent to the patio at Mountainview Terrace.

Dining Services

Residents and their guests enjoy dining in a social setting. At the Terrace the lunch is served buffet-style; dinner, which offers two delicious choices, is served to your table in a bright pleasant atmosphere.

We accommodate special food requirements here at Mountainview. You will be asked about any food allergies; the Health Services Manager and the Dining Services Manager will then prepare your special diet program. In special circumstances such as illness, room service is available at no charge. If you desire room service for any other reason, the Administrator will advise you of the associated fee.



8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.


12 Noon to 1:00 p.m.


5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

*Continental breakfast and full breakfast are only available with the extended meal plans for Mountainview Terrace Residents. If you are interested in an extended meal plan, speak to the Resident Services Coordinator.


We encourage family and friends to dine with you. Please notify Reception at least one hour in advance so that we are prepared to accommodate your guests. There is a nominal charge for a Guest meal.


We welcome the opportunity to cater a special occasion dinner or party for our residents or their family members and friends. Contact the Administrator for a quote on your specific request.

Life Enrichment

At Mountainview, we offer activities and clubs of interest to each resident. We believe that keeping busy is the best tonic! Laughter should be a part of your daily life; we encourage and welcome your participation. With your suggestions, we will have something for everyone's taste.

Family and friends are always invited to participate in the social events and clubs at Mountainview.


A monthly calendar of events is distributed and posted on the activity bulletin board so you are always able to keep track of events. We also publish a monthly information newsletter for residents and family. Your contributions to this newsletter are always appreciated. A weekly schedule is posted at each Reception Desk. Family and friends are always invited to participate in the social events and clubs at Mountainview.


The Public Library comes in regularly. If you would like talking books, large print books, or specific reading material, please make your request to the Life Enrichment Coordinator so she may make arrangements to accommodate your wishes.


The residents meet monthly to discuss and plan matters of common interest. The residents take an active role in the decision making and planning for their home.

The Council is responsible for fund-raising activities and choosing programs and events that will be of interest to its members.


Regular church services from several denominations are held at Mountainview. These services are held in the Theatre/Chapel located on the Second Floor of the Mountainview Residence. Times are posted and included in both the weekly schedule and monthly Activity Calendar.


For scheduled outings, transportation is provided. Assistance with arrangements for taxis or Activan can be made through the Receptionist. Residents are responsible for this cost.


Volunteers are welcome at Mountainview. Families, friends, outside community members, students or residents - their talents are needed and wanted. If you are interested in this venture, please discuss with the Life Enrichment Coordinator.

Health Services

Residents of the Terrace can ask our Health Services Staff for added services for an additional cost. Please contact any of the Health Services Team to arrange for assistance with your special needs.


Residents provide their own assistive devices - walkers, elevated toilet seats, etc.


If enhanced personal care needs are required, contact the Health Services Manager to assist you in making arrangements to accommodate those needs. Special therapy programs, such as physiotherapy are available.


Great care is taken to ensure the security and safety of our residents. For this reason all doors are locked in the evening. In the Terrace building your key fob will automatically open the front door after hours.

Whenever you leave or return to the property, please use the Book at the Reception Desk to sign in and out. This will assist the staff in maintaining the building census in case of an emergency and help the kitchen staff to know who will be out of the building at mealtimes.


For your convenience and safety, the front doors open by a simple push of a button allowing hands-free entrance into both buildings.


A specially designed telephone system is in each resident suite and each resident bathroom. This unique system is provided for your safety and security. If you require assistance, have an emergency, or are not feeling well, press the button marked "Help". This call will immediately link to the nurse through the in-building communications network. If you require assistance in the bathroom, just pull the cord beside the toilet/shower. It will automatically alert the nurse. You do not need to talk.

This guidebook will answer many questions about your new home.